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Joe Ray Kelley Art Blog

Why I Paint Mannequins

by joesfineart , January 14, 2008—06:10 PM

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___I paint mannequins because I fine them fascinating. They have an imagined intangible BEAUTY, not just as objects but also for what they represent. I see each as an individual with a unique and intriguing face.___ JoeRay Kelley

___So what is a mannequin? It is neither dead or Alive- indeed, it cannot have been dead since it was never alive. Well, of course it is not animated, not alive in a biological sense, and never was. And yet-it seems more alive than dead, more asleep but not, somehow possessed of an eerie alter-consciousness that compels us on the subliminal, indiscernible level.___ Steven Richman, in his photographic book ___Mannequins___



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