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Joann Cervantes About

Beginning around l8 years ago I found watercolor, I have painted everyday for months at a time, and find that it is in doing that we find our own special something. I also enjoy writing, and all forms of creativity, you can also view my work on Add Comment


Becoming a nurse in '76, I was put to rest after contracting a possible viral infection from the surgical floor I had worked on.

Leaving for my mom's condo on the Jersey shore, fearing boredom I bought a pencil and pad of paper, literally looked out the window and said, "Draw what you see, see what you draw, don't draw what you think." somehow that day, drawing entered my life. I drew to relax and after marriage and children forgot about it until l8 years ago when I caught the painting bug.

I live in New Jersey with my family all around me, My six children and my grandson and son in law all nearby. My children range from 28 to 10 and all enjoy creating.


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New Jersey
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