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Samantha Morrigan About

I have been photographing for a few years, seriously for about two. I love nothing more than to capture the world around me. I also love to create and design labels, hats, soaps and other crafty things. 1 comment


I am a 29 -year-old mother, wife, artist, and domestic violence advocate. I used to major in media arts, which is where I found my love for photography. My first photo teacher made me promise never to give up my camera and to keep shooting because my potential was great. I have kept my word, although it's sort of in the background most of the time, and hope to forever shoot the world the way I see it. The first time I saw an image appear from the developer tray was the moment I knew this was for me. I now work mostly digital because it is easier for my life, but I LOVE the darkroom. I use a Nikon D40x mostly with an 18-55 AF lens (sometimes macro attachments), but also use manual focus telephoto lenses when needed. For black and white I used to use a Pentax P3 and Ilford HP5+ film exclusively!