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Jim Lively Art Blog

What Would Andy Do? Exhibition

by jimlively , July 31, 2011—12:26 PM

Topics: Andy Warhol, Dallas, Happiness, celebration, pop art, video

On August 6, 2011, Dallas will be suffering under record temperatures as a streak of 100+ days continues. There is only one cool place to be on Andy Warhol's 83rd birthday and that is at Luminarte Design Gallery, 1727 E.Levee Street, Dallas, TX. While the Dallas art scene is typically on hiatus until autumn, Luminarte is celebrating Andy's birthday with an exhibition of talented artists, whose works reflect Warhol's Pop Art sensibilites from a fresh 21st Century perspective. What Would Andy Do? is a multi-media event and the national debut of my art video "The Vegetable Can Insurgency of 2011". For more information see and




  sam ( homepage )

09/03/2011 * 15:59:52

I was wondering if you knew my friend FOLLOW ( ) I have enjoyed your artwork and thinik you would enjoy the Rabbit project that is ongoing in most major cities. xoxo Sam

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