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Jim Lively Art Blog

Through The Eyes of Emma

by jimlively , January 1, 2011—01:17 PM

Topics: Black, Happiness, beauty, child, friendship, white

I have just completed my novella entitled "Through the Eyes of Emma". This is the third book published containing images of my artwork. However, this is the first book where the images of art are integral to a fictional storyline. Emma is a remarkable eleven year old that develops an unlikely friendship with a fifty year old artist. Emma has a gift which allows her to interpret the artist's paintings and help the artist understand what experiences in his life influenced a particular painting. Through his friendship with Emma, the artist is able to come to closure upon recent personal tragedies and find happiness with the course his life has taken. The images that make this book are from my "Black and White" series of paintings. The book will be available on Amazon in a couple of weeks.



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