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Jim Lively Art Blog

Burnt Orange Installation Video

by jimlively , July 18, 2010—02:11 PM

Topics: burnt, model, orange

The Burnt Orange Installation Video is now on YouTube. The concept behind the installation is to discover the etymology of the color burnt orange. The installation incorporates images that relate and interact with paintings from the Burnt Orange series. Instead of placing the female image directly upon the canvas, I used photographs of eight different models interacting with the paintings that were projected upon. With little or no direction, the models slowly began to naturally interact with the video. Movements ranged from blank stares to provocative spontaneity. Nothing was rehearsed. Most of the time the models did not know at a given moment what images were being projected upon them. My only concern was whether a photograph captured the apparition of the vibrancy of burnt orange. These photos were then integrated into this video installation piece. For more information and to see the video, please see "Links" under or the direct to YouTube for the video below:




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/26/2010 * 08:58:24

Ten minutes is a long time without a soundtrack. Your concept is good but I would have liked it just as much with fewer model shots, in many cases they don't add anything to the experience.

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