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Jim Lively Art Blog

Jasna Etymology of Burnt Orange

by jimlively , May 13, 2010—11:02 AM

Topics: burnt, model, orange

"Jasna etymology of Burnt Orange" is a painting of a photgraph of a model interacting with the original "Etmology of Burnt Orange" painting. The photograph of Jasna interacting with the original painting is also part of the photographs and installation piece that comprise "Burnt Orange", a series of paintings, photographs and installation. Once I saw the photograph, I just couldn't resist painting it as well. Viewing the original "Etymology of Burnt Orange" next to the "Jasna" version is very interesting. The perspective of the original is from directly centered position while the perspective of "Jasna" is off-centered. I love the lines the projector made on the arms of the model. In my opinion, that is the highlight of the painting.



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