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Jim Lively Art Blog

Burnt Orange Series

by jimlively , March 16, 2010—09:05 AM

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I am now well into my new and ongoing "Burnt Orange" series of paintings, photographs and installation. This is the most ambitious project I have tackled since I quit practicing law to pursue full-time my career as a contemporary artist. I do not think that I have ever enjoyed more a series of paintings or project for that matter. The series is inspired in part by the color of my undergraduated college and is nine paintings strong and growing. Yesterday, I completed the first photo sessions of the series with two models. After a preliminary view of the raw photos, the sessions were a great success. The paintings, photos and installation interweave the color burnt orange along with the images of the paintings and models. I change the images of the paintings via transitions which provides a compelling backdrop in the photo sessions and ties the paintings aspect with the photographs. More to come.



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