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Julie Grace About

Julie Grace is a self-taught artist that has branched out from working in oils & pastels, to creating digital works of art. Her themes range from seascapes and sci-fi art to abstracts. She also does photography & mixed media photography. Add Comment


Julie Grace is a self-taught artist. She has worked in oils & pastels for the past 15 years. In 2007 she has branched out into mixed media photography and computer generated abstract art. She placed at the #5 Rank for Mixed Media Photography for 2008 & 4th for 2009 at Fan Art Review. She prides herself in creating work that is different and has great satisfaction in providing art to adapt to any mood.

Her abstract work is creative and she has something for every taste. It ranges from the simple dramatic landscape to the more abstract pieces that make you search deep within for their meaning. These make you explore and ponder over their content. Some are spiritually influenced and I feel they are an inspiration from God.

Her other passion is poetry. Her lastest work was published by Publish America in 2004 entitled, "Visions of Apercu" which is co-authored with her youngest daughter, Faith.

She was born and raised in California, but now resides in Missouri. She is mother of four grown daughters, and grandmother of six.


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