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Jacquie Gouveia About

My paintings and the masterful way I use color have been known to create an overall sense of peace and calm for people. I am a very down to earth and peaceful person, and I love knowing I transmit that through my work. Add Comment


Artist Statement:

Color has an amazing ability to capture moods and emotions. Inspired by both nature and music, I use color and paint application to express my response to either stimulus. Sometimes I get just a flash of an image in my mind and I can__™t relax until I recreate it. But it isn__™t enough to just paint the image; I have to also express the emotion that came with it. I rely on my instincts to gauge my success. The process can be agonizing at first, but when it works there is a surge of pure elation.


Jacquie was born in Taunton, MA in 1966 and began drawing the Peanut characters at a very young age.

Although her formal education was in Business, art has always been a big part of her life and in 2000 she focused on learning to paint. She spent years painting on her own and creating smaller plein-air landscapes. This process and self-discipline gave her the best education on light and color. She built upon her color knowledge and currently creates intense and highly energized abstract paintings.

Working in both oils and acrylics she first quickly lays down her initial colors and idea using a brush. She then begins to work more intuitively and very energetcially allowing the painting to dictate what it wants her to do. Most paint is applied with palette knives or squeezed out of the tube and drawn directly onto the canvas. She loves working with pure color and to loud music.


Driscoll Associates - Easton, MA

Victoria's Place - Worcester, MA

Selected Private Collectors:

Miss R. Murbach - Taunton, MA

Mr. B. Galloway - New York, NY

Mrs. C. Herman - Beverly Hills, CA

Mr. M. Mazalewski - Salem, NH

Mrs. M. Curtis - Carver, MA

Dr. D. Spitalny - Duluth, MN

Mr. & Mrs. W. Porter - Sleepy Hollow, NY

Mr. & Mrs. S. Bianchi - Cohasset,MA

Ms. J. Cherau - Hingham, MA

Mr. & Mrs. W. Meahl - Hingham, MA

Mr. & Mrs. B. McWhorter - Hull, MA

Mrs. C. Hickey - Montclair, NJ

Ms. J. Stevenson - Atlanta, GA


Group Show - A New Spirit of Progress - Nov 2007 - New York, NY

Group Show - The Next Door Gallery - Nov 07-Feb 08 - Mansfield, MA

Solo Artist - Taylor Realty - November 2007 - Easthampton, MA

Solo Artist - KW Home - June 2007 - Easthampton, MA

SoWa Art Walk - May 2007 - Boston, MA

Artist of the Month - January 2007 - Art for Progress, New York, NY

Solo Artist - October 2006 - January 2007 Paintings on display at Fitness Together, Newbury Street, Boston, MA

"Paint World's End & Hingham Harbor" 2006 -

South Street Gallery, Hingham, MA

"Arcadia:The End of Time" 2006 - Projekt30.comOpens in new window, Juried Artist

"Paint Your Pet" 2006 - South Street Gallery, Hingham, MA

"Community Canvas" 2006 - ArtWorks! New Bedford, MA

"Holiday Fireworks" 2005-2006 - Deerhill Inn, West Dover, VT

"Small Works" 2005 * 2004 * 2003 - South Street Gallery, Hingham, MA

"Paint the Square" 2005 * 2004 * 2003 - South Street Gallery, Hingham, MA

"Art on the Mountain" 2005 * 2004 - Mt. Snow, West Dover, VT (Juried Artist)

"House of the Living Arts" 2005 - Wheaton College, Norton, MA

"Carver Olde Home Day", 2003 * 2002 - Carver, MA

Excerpt from Newspaper Article:

"Her paintings are like reading a book as opposed to watching a movie. You can project yourself into the painting and see details that are sketchily put on in quick brush strokes."


34 South Meadow Road
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508 866 5562