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My name is Jessica Buchanan and I am a developing artist with a deep passion for painting. I have been artistic as long as I can remember but over the last year I have been working hard on creating a collection of peices. Once I had a starting collection of work I designed a portfolio to show my work to others and this started my business. I have done several customized peices of work for valued customers and am continually accepting new orders and challenges. I love what I do and my inspiration of painting is shown in the quality of my work.

I consider myself to be a unique inidividual who likes to look at life through a visual perception and I beleive there is so many beautiful colours, values, tints and shades to bring paintings to life. Althought I have a college diploma pronouncing myself as an Interior Decorator, I trully fell in love with the artistic side to design. I am always looking to grow as an artist, to improve something I think I've mastered or to learn new techniques, so I am greatly looking forwards to your feedback and especially to any orders. I see a new painting as a new experience, a new memory and a new begining in my career.

A short outline of my skills and abilities which may not be vivid through the photographs is as follows; use of acrylics, oils, gold leafing, watercolour, pastel, charcoal, graded shading pencils, and professional rendering markers. Work with various textures, techniques for creating specific elements (ie; trees, bushes, clouds, mountains, ect...), blending, dry/wet technique with watercolours specifically, application of gold leafing to enhance canvas quality, brush methods, sponging methods and more!

The main reasons for this website is to not only open a portfolio which is visable to the world but also branch my business in a new direction which i am hoping will have a successful outcome. I would love to be the individual who can create what you imagine will bring your walls to life, to fullfill the gap between a blank canvas and a magnificant arrangement of oils or acrylics and to of course put a smile on your face.


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