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I love living the the Colorado Rockies. I am always amazed at the beauty that surrounds me. I love photographing not only nature and landscapes, but capturing unique portraits for people in with the best natural backdrops for each individual. Add Comment


I can remember buying my first camera as a kid at a neighbor__™s garage sale. It was a little Kodak Instamatic 104 that I had picked up out of a box of mismatched items and paid $0.15 for. Of course, 35mm film was already out, but mom took me almost weekly to the store so I could spend my allowance on the special film, developing and the occasional flashcube. .

Born in Arizona my family moved to Colorado when I was three. And even though I was raised in Colorado I don__™t think I truly ever fully appreciated this state until recently. In the spring of 2008 I decided it was time to move back from living in Atlanta, Georgia for over a decade. Atlanta was a great place to live and grow (in so many ways), but I knew it was time to return to the home I had always known.

I__™d have to say my life has taken so many unique twists and turns over the years. Once an Architectural Major now here I am taking three of the passions I hold most dear in life, Fine Wine, Writing & Photography and making them work for me. I can__™t think of any other way to live but from my heart, and consider myself lucky and am very grateful for the things I have in life today.

I have moments where I miss Atlanta and the life I built there, but I traded in the fast pace of city living for all the right reasons and am thoroughly enjoying the culture, pace and environment of living in one of the most beautiful places. My cameras are at my side as often as my dogs, exploring nature__™s wonders and seeing in the every day that which most people look past.


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