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Jennifer Hirshhorn Art Blog


by jenn , March 18, 2008—12:00 AM

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What attracts us as artists to a certain object, a particular image, or text, as inspiration or, further, as something that demands to be in a piece? Two days ago, I was walking with my family to a stunning tea shop (an actual shop), brimming with beautiful tea pots and tea bowls, and unique aids to making and serving tea, and aromatic, punget teas from around the world. Next door are sold furnishings and objects from various parts of the world, mostly from Asia. In front of that store is a basket with large pods in it, 18" long, curving, narrowing and expanding forms, holding large seeds (many of us have seen or held diminutive versions of these), that one shakes to get the sound like maracas, that clicking of the seeds against the frame and covering in which they abide. I want to draw that, to make black and white digital images of it, and then a stencil of it. That form will be in my paintings. The response is visceral and clear. I want to look, rattle it, put my fingers on that vessel and, gratefully, I do.




  Trina Lamphiear

11/11/2008 * 23:45:11

Jen, I am so glad to see your art. Alex forwarded the link to me.

Thank you , thank you for following your talent, what beauty you have in you.

Love Trina

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