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Jennifer Hirshhorn Art Blog

first blog

by jenn , March 15, 2008—12:00 AM

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I've considered writing a blog for so long. It's finally time to begin, with wide ranging thoughts that will become more cogent, I believe, as time goes on. I just set up my new studio in Louisville, CO, just outside Boulder. It's in the quaint center of town, just off Main St.

I'm very happy to be working there. Friday was my first day painting in that space. Prior to that, I was painting the walls, and hauling dusty, filthy, (probable) antique furniture out of the cellar of "grandma's house." I will have to find out to whose grandmother Tom refers. Tom is the wonderful person who is reconstructing and renovating the building in which I work. There are also multiple storage rooms into which I've been taken, given nearly free range to choose furnishings for my space. Quite amazing, the generosity and kindness offerred.

Must write more. To an art show now, of my friend Linda Armantraut, a long time friend and colleague.

Good to get started. To those of you I know, Betsy, Carla, Julia, Peter, I look forward to reading your blogs, among others, and to much more engagement with artid. I hope you all are very well.




  Terry Maker

12/03/2008 * 20:21:55

Hey Jennifer,

Are you the same J.Hirshhorn that
I just met last weekend at Jenny
Blanchard's potluck party?

I'd love to speak with you and see
if we might meet for coffee soon.


Terry Maker
(303) 665-2466


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

05/08/2008 * 18:07:46

Hi Jennifer,
Congratulations on the new space. It's so great to HAVE space and especially with a good landlord. I always find it very satisfying to set up a new studio or clean out the one I have. How does it feel to pint there? Have you got amazing light?Looking forward to more of your writing.
My Best,

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