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Jemma Nelson Art Blog

Snow Means Studio Time

by JemmaNelson , January 13, 2011—10:07 AM

Topics: Artichoke, Serpentine, Still Life, green, purple, watercolor

"If the weather outside is frightful..." at least it's warm and cozy inside, and a perfect time to paint some comforting subjects like this artichoke. For the palette, I used a restricted selection of Azo Green, Serpentine, Perylene Green and Dioxanine Purple. I love the feel of the purple as a complementary shadow for the green subject. I find Daniel Smith's Serpentine a very useful mid-tone green that doesn't have an equivalent in traditional green pigments, of which there are so few. It's more transparent than Chromium Oxide, and can easily be pulled to yellow or blue, but it's more "natural" than a Phthalo or Viridian.




  Aidan ( homepage )

10/10/2012 * 23:55:28

what an amazing picture. i really enjoy your art. it does bring a sense of warmth into my cold house. thanks you.


  Flora ( homepage )

10/26/2011 * 21:04:02

God, I feel like I sohlud be takin notes! Great work


  Olesya Anderson

03/12/2011 * 17:23:33

Its a lovely painting!I am new in this website I would like to share some of my techniques also, but haven't figure out yet what to do that blog appear in right cotegory: Art education for example. I have two of my blogs in Artists Blog...If you can help me I will very appreciate.Thank you and more your cute paintings, please. Olesya Anderson


  Ellen Sullivan Farley ( homepage )

01/17/2011 * 12:04:05

I love this. I totally agree about the green/ purple relationship. I'll have to check out this serpentine green. I assume it is a watercolor only?

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