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Jean Frank Stark About

I am inspired by nature, people and the creative process that is always at work within each of us and how this process unfolds as a result of our intentions. Add Comment


My philosophy of art is simple: I feel good when I am creating and I want to share this feeling with others. Art has been a healing influence throghout my life, it is the most REAL thing there is for me: both doing it and viewing it. Art makes people and communities whole. It speaks to the higher mind and to what we know is beyond the little lives we live. It is through our imaginations that we express more of the beautiful truth which is.

I look for the things I love and I spend time with those ideas, subjects and qualities until I feel I have a relationship with it. I open a dialogue with it and let it speak to me and guide me to new insight and understanding.

I am influenced by nature, animals, people and the qualities of life that make life possible: hope, desire, belief in more than physical matter, the knowing of greater things that we have forgotten.

I graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore in 1998. I taught elementary school for eight years. When teaching became difficult within public school limitations I left public schools to pursue a career in private teaching and in my own art development.

I am just beginning on this journey.

I have shown in various venues within the Arlington Artists Alliance; at the Del Ray Artisans and Art League in Alexandria.


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