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Jen Callentine About

For me, painting taps into those unknown places inside and outside of myself that I have no other way to tap into. Painting, quite simply, connects me with spirit. Through my work I am continuously surprised by how paint, water, and fabric meet and create their own form. This process helps me to trust in the impermanence of life and see the inherent beauty that lays within most everything. I have had a love for soft fabrics and a deep connection to my sensuality for a very long time. Thus, it only seemed natural to start applying my passion for creating stains and abstract images to these fabrics. I wish to create something that touches people on a deeper level and, perhaps, brings up unforeseen joy and resiliency; helping one to connect with the magic and essence of life. My paintings are meant to complement and enrich your home interiors and your world! Please see my recent works. Commissions are welcomed. Add Comment


Jenny Callentine is an abstract painter who recently completed her degree in Contemplative Psychology and Visual Art at Naropa University.

Jenny creates paintings by layering different stains and glazes. These mainly consist of watercolor and acrylic paint on canvas, linen, and silk. Her paintings transmit her relationship with sensuality, beauty, spirit, nature, and the world of the unknown.


Charleston and Boulder