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Jayne Morgan Art Blog

Sea Treasures

by jaynem , August 4, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Clabber Board, fixative spray, interesting results., no glass, sea shells, spring palette., unusual texture

I just finished setting up my Small Works Gallery and one of the pair's that I up loaded is a set of unusual sea shells painted on clabber board with watercolor. It is another different surface for this medium. At first it is bit of a challnge to make your watercolors show as they do on paper but in the end the results are very interesting. I have only done a few painting on this but plan to do more. The advantage of this method is no glass is need to protect the painting because the finished painting is sprayed with a glaze that does the same as glass.




  Vina Curtis

08/07/2009 * 13:13:48

What is the formula that you use for the Clabber Board?

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