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Jan Perdew Art Blog

2011, A Bittersweet Year, Time to Remember and Never Forget

by janperdew , December 31, 2011—06:06 AM

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How do you say goodbye to someone you have been married to for over 38 years? Maybe not lived with all that time, but remained married none the less. There were a few years we did not speak because of the things that had gone on in the marriage, things that I had come to terms with and forgave the actions of one who was not in control of his mind and that after finally getting the help and treatment that was needed , asked his children and I to forgive. Saying the final goodbye is always hard but in the week just before the normally joyous Christmas season is harder still, but we have peace knowing he is no longer in any pain from his battle with diabetes. He also got great pleasure from seeing my creations that have been printed over the years and I am told a great pride in the fact that the artist was his wife, something that he told any who commented on one of the prints he had on his walls after our separation. And so now he watches on as I continue to plan my next project that I hope to be able to complete this spring, because I had told him that the car featured in it would be his favorite 1970 Chevelle SS 396. More than this about the scene I am not going to reveal at this time. This painting will be dedicated to my late husband, Olin ___Stub___ Perdew since he did not live to see the painting completed.

I know I have been away from my blogs for a long time, but my life has been rather busy trying to keep up with my family, kids getting married, one getting divorced, one moving, etc etc , I hope you understand. It left me little time to be creative for my own pleasure and eventually the pleasure of my followers. This is something I intend to remedy in 2012, good Lord willing and the creek don__™t rise. I know that it seems to be His plan for me, for all through my life since I was 14, every time I took a course away from the art, something happened to push me back to the art again, over and over. So I feel very blessed that He has given me a gift that has given me in return, pleasure in knowing my work means so much and can give pleasure to so many, many people throughout the world. I have seen this when a gift print presented to a good friend at Christmas brought tears of pure joy and emotion. This tells me what I am doing is what I was meant to do and this gives me a great sense of satisfaction that I do things that mean so much to so many.

This year was bittersweet in many ways. I was able to travel to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO with family over the Thanksgiving holiday. The park is truly gorgeous at that time of year with the thousands of lights throughout the park. It was fun and nice to go back since I was a part of their craft guild for quite a number of years, but very sad to see that so very many of the friend crafters I traveled with are still here and crafting. I miss those days and all the very dear friends from those road shows. I only found one still working on park and we had a great reunion visit. I know that most of them now do their crafts in heaven and I miss them but will never forget them. They were very dear friends, my craft show family.

And now I shall close, leaving you to wonder what new art is coming in the next year. Here is hoping that you and yours have a safe and joyous New Year in 2012. I will try not to leave you so long the next time. May God bless you.




  diane horton

03/09/2017 * 10:33:18

Mrs. Perdew, I was in a shop in my hometown and came across a quart blue fruit jar with a painting of a red white lighthouse and was signed by you in 2001. I went to the computer to find the history on it and I found that it is suppose to be missing. If that is true, it is no longer missing. If it is original or not, I love it. Sincerely, Diane Horton

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