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Jan Perdew Art Blog

Home After Old Threshers Reunion

by janperdew , October 16, 2010—03:50 AM

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Well I made it back home again. It's great to be home again after a week in Mt Pleasant, IA, but still sad at the same time. This show is so special to me, lots of old friends in customers and fellow crafters. Some dear friends we have lost over the almost 20 years I have been a part of this show will never be forgotten. It is always sad when the show comes to an end and we bid farewell for another year to those friends.

I now find myself trying to get everything organized and get my free time away from my weekday job to get the numerous commission pieces done for special Christmas gifts. This is something I do every year and have since I started to sell my artwork some 23 years ago, I actually started painting when I was 14, but even when I was quite small I can remember on those winter nights when I would beg my mother to draw a bird picture for me from the book of bird pictures we had so I could color it. She was an artist in cake frosting and I am sad to say left us much too soon some 16 years before my first print "Sunshine Napping" was released and my father was only here long enough to see me have two released. I feel they would have been proud of what I have done with my art.

An artist that I am really fond of, Jesse Barnes, gave me some advice once, said "Art needs to come from the heart to touch the heart." My art is from the heart, drawing mainly its inspiration from my own rural Iowa life, simpler times when I was growing up.

Great news today! Grumpy Old Men is being released this week as a signed open edition print. Watch for the prints on the gallery. The release date for the limited edition of "Glorious New Beginnings" has not been set but tentatively scheduled in the next 30 days. We are so excited! And so now I am anxious to get the commission pieces done because I have another concept I have envisioned in my mind that I am anxious to begin work on for the next year.

Well I should close this for now. I'll try not to be so long before I talk to you again. Please do leave me your comments. I really hope I can touch your hearts with my art.



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