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Jan Perdew Art Blog

Getting Ready for Midwest Old Threshers

by janperdew , July 8, 2010—04:30 AM

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I now have my youngest and first married daughter's wedding done. We had a fabulous time, an all the decorations and flowers were my creations of love for her. Now I am back to painting and working at my other job in a factory so that I have my health insurance, this is not exactly what I want to be doing but for now a necessary thing.

I recently attended the Southwest Iowa Relay for Life, celebrating the victory over Cancer and honoring those who have lost the fight. Being a 12 year cancer survivor and a never give up fighter, it was an emotional night for all of us, if you ever get the chance do go and support those of us who fight on every day. When I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, I knew I was not ever going to give up. Itold everyone I would go to the University of Iowa's Clinical Cancer Center and do my treatments and beat this. I WOULD be back! And I AM!

I have so many friends and clients I see every year at the Midwest Old Thresher's Reunion in Mt Pleasant. IA. It is a show that lets you go back in time great times for old and young to experience things not seen working any longer. electric trolleys, steam engine tractors and trains. I have been proudly doing this show every year since 1992. I create and sell many saws, as well as other objects. It is a lot of work 10 hour days, and also my creativity knows no end as I decide what scene to paint on each saw, jar, can, canvas, or glass christmas ornament.

Well for now I should end since I am writing this at 3am and so that I can get all the things done in the next day that I must I should get some rest. But by all means come and see me at the Midwest Old Thresher's Reunion. Here is a link where I am pictured with one of my daughters in our booth on the website to get more information. Tell me you read this. So bye bye for now.




  Lenna ( homepage )

12/30/2011 * 06:25:52

Now we know who the senlsibe one is here. Great post!


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/09/2010 * 10:45:25

Inspiring blog post, Jan! Have a GREAT show and thank you for sharing your story!
Betsy Davison,
President, ArtId

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