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Jan Perdew Art Blog

I've Gone to the Dogs.....Moonlit Point.

by janperdew , March 13, 2010—11:57 PM

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Yes, I have gone to the dogs. As you may have noticed, I have quite a number of paintings featuring dogs and they are most prominently Brittanys. There is a reason for that, I have a client and friend that raises these registered hunting dogs.

He is one of my oldest and favorite clients, not because of his ever growing collection of my originals but because of his friendship, he went out of his way to visit me when I was hospitalized for treatment of cancer in 1998. This wonderful man, who at that time I had never met face to face stopped on his trip home to find me in the Univerisity of Iowa hospitals to say hello and extend a hand of true frendship. Before that night, we had only communicated by phone and mail. He and a friend had traveled from New York state to go pheasant hunting in Taylor county where I live. While he was there, he had decided we were going to meet face to face, only to discover I was not at home in my studio but 200 miles away in the hospital. To me this was so amazing, that he did this for someone who had before only been a voice on the phone, somone who immortalized his babies for him and I will never forget that kindness.

So I have done gone to the dogs. You can tell by my titles of paintings, I like to play with words. Moonlit Point, a painting of three dogs on point under a full moon, is not what first comes to mind, I'll bet. Did you find the pheasant the dogs found?

Brittanys are not of course, the only dogs I can paint, I have done many other hunting dogs for their owners. Just give me a good photo and I can do it, portrait or doing the dogs natural activity. So as I have said before do not hesitate to ask me about anything you might like to see painted or painted on. But that's another story for another day. I hope you enjoy what you see.



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