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The story of why they are... Happy Grumpy Old Men

by janperdew , March 6, 2010—12:00 AM

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Ah yes, some of you are probably wondering about that painting, the only large painting in my gallery that is for sale. This painting was a different endeavor on my part. A call for a midwestern magazine publisher started the project. They had already used Moonlit Point in one of their publications and were looking for a painting of my style featuring ice fishing on a frozen lake. So when they called, a scene much like the movie Grumpy Old Men came to mind. Snowmobiles, International Travelalls, Jeeps etc. would be vehicles in that cold place.

The activities of the ice fishermen and children were some I had experienced briefly since I do not like cold and winter at all except in pictures. My then brother-in-law gave me much more insight into those times since he lived them growing up in Minnesota. The grumpy old guys would tell the kids to go play on the snowmobiles, or go fishing in their own hole, while they locked themselves in in their shantys to sit by the heater, drink beer, tell fish stories and "get happy".

Since this painting was of an activity that was very regional in appeal no other printing was planned for it other than the magazine. And as we must all make a living, I have put it up for sale. Most of the originals for the prints I do still own, and they will later go to my 3 children.

Still as with all my paintings, I have a lot of fun painting them. I am, what I call an impatient artist, always anxious to finish a painting once started and impatient to move on to the next vision I have seen in my head. When I get these visions of paintings to come, I try to at least jot down some notes about the scene in my head so to not forget what I imagined. If more time allows I will make a small rough sketch of the scene with notes of details to go in the scene. I keep these notes in a book so that when I can go back to the studio and work on it, I can bring back the scene in my mind.

I hope my blogs are not too boring to you. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I have always been very open and accessable to anyone who has questions about my art. So go ahead and ask if you have a question. If you don't, well just say Hi if nothing else.



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