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Jan Perdew Art Blog

Glorious New Beginnings, Hope for the Future

by janperdew , March 1, 2010—12:00 AM

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This painting will be the completion of the four "Seasons Remembered" paintings. The scene had been carried in my mind and in several rough sketches since I first started the set. I had just not begun to finalize it until my youngest daughter, Krystal and her fiance decided to set the date on their 2 year engagement. As we begin those plans for a wedding in May 2010 I knew I wanted to do this painting now.

The desire to do a scene with a rainbow and a wedding had been there for some time, ever since I did some art shows in the early 1990s and met an artist who was one of my favorites, Jesse Barnes. He is a softspoken man and always so nice to talk to. A personal phone call from him when I had left a message on his machine when I needed a bit of advice will always be a special memory. Since I am a self taught artist, I do occasionally seek advice from other artists like Jesse and another artist friend, Vincent Fleming when I am having trouble acheiving an effect they have mastered in their painting.

And so I have begun going through the many photos of cars, one pile is those that I might use, the others the ones not this time. As always the requests for cars in paintings by those who see me at shows is there in the back of my mind, some I might use in this scene. But always there is one member of my extended family that is disappointed his pea green 1970 Nova was not in this painting. He will have to wait for another time since his car just would not show up in a green background.

The painting is done, I think and now it is time for my most discerning critics, my children. They look at it. But the first draft needs something yet. Something is needed in the area behind the church they feel. I study it for a while and suddenly it came to me. I added a strike of lightning in the darkest cloud. It was unanamous from my critics. That was all it needed. By the way my kids are 27,24, and 22.

We are planning to print this painting sometime this year when I get all this wedding stuff finished. I knew I wanted to let those who were interested see what is to come and so I posted this in my gallery. Enjoy, I hope it and the others I paint brings you fond memories.



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