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Jan Perdew Art Blog

To Grandmas House We Did Go!

by janperdew , February 27, 2010—12:00 AM

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Ah yes, I remember those days well. The times when the whole family always came home for the holidays. The pace was much slower and families always spent the time together. Again I draw some part, the family togetherness from my own youth, some from my own family for this scene the third release of a series of prints I call Seasons Remembered. There are to be four in the set, Fall- Sunshine Napping, Summer- The Watering Hole Saturday Night, winter- To Grandmas house, We Go, and spring which is the one that is yet to be released , Glorious New Beginnings.

Due to the economy right now the plans to print have been delayed until we fee the time is right and the country is really recovering. Believe me I am ready for that time.

My paintings for the most part come to me from something someone has said , a picture of something I see can inspire a total picture in my mind. Even subconscious memories of thing I saw as I traveled to art and craft shows in the Midwest for more than 20 years. To that I will tell you that the house in the painting , when I did it I thought it was totally made up, but the next spring after I created Grandmas House as I was driving to a show in Minnesota , I looked over and there along Interstate 35 was a house almost identical in design to the house of my painting. Then on the return trip as I approached the Iowa-Minnesota border was a country church with evergreen trees that appeared much like the one in the distance behind the grandparents farm.

I also like to use cars in these scenes that were prized possessions of family members , it pleases them so much. My own grandfathers 1940 Dodge Business coupe, a 2 door car with a trunk a mile long, it seemed to me. Long enough to hold his old cane pole when he came to take me fishing. My ex husband had the 1969 SS 396 Chevelle in the front yard. (He wondered why I painted that one, instead of his favorite the 1970, I told him I preferred the front and grill design and color of his 1969 Chevelle. I tried to make some of the kids to look and do things mine did at those gatherings , the snowball fight. The guys by the car to resemble my father and grandfather, who were gone but not forgotten. We all know those guy who had to see under the hood of the grandsons big muscle car really did not know for sure what they were looking at.

I really love doing these ad telling all these stories. Many clients shows have always asked me if get nervous painting this cars and things, the answer is no, when working on these creations I can unwind and forget the stress of my every day life. I used my art to keep me positive and speed my recovery when I was fighting cancer in 1998. Attitude is everything in this fight. Mine was that cancer was NOT going to beat me, I was going to beat it and be back. Almost 12 years now cancer free and look at what I am accomplishing. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoy painting those views into the past.



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