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Jan Perdew Art Blog

The Watering Hole, I wish I were there!

by janperdew , February 25, 2010—12:00 AM

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As I sit here trying to keep warm in what seems like a never ending winter, I think back to the memories that inspired me to paint ___The Watering Hole Saturday Night___. And so much wishing the out of doors right now was like that night that I painted. I am very much a spring , summer and fall person, I only like winter in paintings.

I have a great love of old cars and the good old days for me in the late 60__™s and 70__™s. My ex-husband told many stories of his wild youth and since he was almost 10 years older than me, it gave me additional inspirations. Some of the activities in the scenes are from first hand though, but I will never tell which.

I have a great deal of fun going to cars shows in the summer to shoot photos of the cars at various angles so that when I am in my designing phase of a painting I can sketch the cars I have selected to be featured in the scene. I do a rough sketch of the main scene and then I place the sketches of the individual cars on it until I am satisfied with where I have ___parked ___ them. All the people are freehand painted in as the scene progresses, some though you really have to look closely at the picture though to find and discover what they are doing in those cars. Then as with every roadhouse bar on a hot Saturday night someone has to start a fight and if you look at the distant road, there is a car coming with a red light on top!

This print has been my most popular to date, and I will point out one error the printer made on it. When the print was run, the printer made a mistake on the title of the print. My title of the painting was ___The Watering Hole Saturday Night___ he mistakenly titled the print ___ The Wateringhole Saturday Night___. The prints had been run by the time I saw that they had made Watering Hole into one word. The printer clearly did not read the sign on the bar in the painting. So I guess it makes it more collectable since the printer could not read. Shows we can all make mistakes.



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