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Jan Perdew Art Blog

Sunshine Napping , a return to my childhood

by janperdew , February 22, 2010—12:00 AM

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Since my childhood I have always loved art, my mother would draw birds for me to color most nights. Growing up on a working farm, and when I say working farm I mean the farms of 50+ years ago, when the farm family was a almost totally self-sufficient unit. We had cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, dogs, cats, and many other varieties of animals and fowl on the farm. We raised the grain, fed the livestock, milked the cows, fed the chickens and gathered the eggs. It was hard work but I would not trade that life I had as a child.

From this time came the inspiration for ___Sunshine Napping___, for across the section, ( for those of you unfamiliar with farm life, a section is a square mile) from our farm was the Smith Store. About once a week we would take cream and eggs to the store to sell. It was a treat to get to go because if we went we might, if there was enough money after we bought flour and sugar etc , get a soda pop or a candy bar. Dad would sit and visit with the store keeper and neighbors for an hour or so.

I am always looking at my surroundings and feel a loss as the barns and farms of my youth disappear. And so I want to use the gift the Good Lord Above has given me to paint those scenes so dear to me and the friends and clients I meet along the way. One of my sorrows is that my dear mother did not live to see the first of my prints released, and that my father has also passed away before the second of four currently, and hopefully many more originals and prints to come, were done.



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