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Jan Perdew Art Blog

Life goes on

by janperdew , July 21, 2017—01:18 PM

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I have been a bit hard to reach it seems. I have responded to several inquiries about paintings but have not received any replies back, so Im not sure if my messages are going in your spam folders or what. So please if you do not get a response from me, do check the spam folders. I try my best to answer everyone who inquires even though life has made it so my art work is not my primary source of income. At age 64 I now have college degree in Technology and am working for John Deere as a Customer Service Tech for region 4. I am not doing many commission pieces but will sell my prints and saws. I no longer can travel and set up displays at the shows, and I do miss the chance to interact personally with the clients and friends, as my clients are friends. So please use my new email



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