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Janelle Mullins Art Blog

My Favorite Painting

by Janelle , November 23, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Favorite, Landscape, purple, sky, snow, tree, weeds, yellow

People often ask me which of my paintings is my favorite. It's a hard question. It's like asking which of your children is your favorite. I usually say it's whatever I just completed. Looking around my studio I have to say that today my two most recent paintings are my favorites. Both are displayed on my artist's page. One is titled "Evening Tree" and the other is "Winter Tree by Pond". I usually name paintings by whatever they are because if I give them some "inspirational" name, later I have no idea with what painting the name was supposed to go.

But, as I look around my studio and home I keep coming back to one painting that I called "Winter Tree". It is 16×20 painted on a stretched canvas. I painted it in January of 2011 after only painting for a little over a year. It's one of those paintings that just turned out right. It has the right amount of mystery and the right amount of detail. I've been asked how I painted the snow that way. Well, unfortunatly, I don't know. It was something that just happened as I was painting. I think I could do it again but I haven't really tried.

"Winter Tree" has a purple and yellow sky with distant weeds which are somewhat impressionistic. The foreground has a gentle slope and the snow looks wispy. The tree is, of course, the center of interest. Looking at it now, my thought is that maybe today I could paint the tree better, but you know what? I'd leave it just the way it is.

I have "Winter Tree" mounted in an antique gold frame that really sets off the yellow of the sky. Yes, this is one of my favorites. I still can't pick just one.



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