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Janelle Mullins About

I am a self-taught artist with a mere 3 years experience but have sold several paintings locally in my hometown of Athens, OH. Add Comment


Born in 1950, I worked at the telephone company for 30 years. In November of 2009 at the age of 59 I decided I wanted to try painting. An artist friend gave me some supplies and off I went and haven't stopped since. I usually complete at least one painting a week. My friends and family are excited about my work and progress. I'm grateful for all their support.

I would categorize my work as realistic or representational. I am not a realist painter in the sense of my work being photographic, but that I try to paint things as they really are, as God created them. I like to paint the way the sun's light effects the colors of objects. Some of my work has impressionistic properties, but I don't think that someone looking for an impressionistic painting would consider me an impressionist.

I paint from photographs alot but I also paint scenes out of my own imagination, places I think would be nice to visit or that remind me of times gone by. My favorite topic is landscapes but I also enjoy painting animals, flowers and pottery.

I work mostly in acrylics but have completed a few works in oil. I enjoy acrylics because they are less toxic and more environmentally friendly.


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