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  Walt Wray Jr.

03/02/2010 * 12:46:38

Hi, I feel like a kindred spirit experiencing art through the years in whatever way I could despite the periodic derailments while working as a draftsman of maps and as a journeyman offset printing press operator. I'm now on disability, but am once again pursuing my education in this realm after years of neglecting this area of my life. Your torso series has been an inspiration to me as I'm an aspiring figure illustrator/ digital artist.


  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

12/28/2009 * 16:25:41

I love your Professor's Torso series. Am I seeing a red thumb print? Something about that really captures my attention. Beautiful work!


  Monique L'Heureux ( homepage )

12/21/2009 * 19:12:36

Dear James,
Thanks so much for your comments and advice. I will try to think in terms of sixes...whatever works!! I also talked to a client about the 5-pack price break, and I will change this to "5 or more" so people can go 6 or 7 or whatever. But I like your idea about series of sixes. Enjoyed your gallery, my faves being the two "Professor's Torso" series...intriguing, interesting, well-done, sir!

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