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Jahar DasGupta About

Jahar Dasgupta, born in 1942 in Jamshedpur is one among the many artists of Bengal who has his own unique style and he is popular among the artists and art critic for his stylize and figurative work. He is one of the most prominent figures in the Indian Art Industry. Like A. Ramchandran, Partha Pratim Dev and many others of his generations Jahar graduated from the Kala Bhavan Shantiniketan and then he joined as an art teacher in a school in Kolkata in the late 60__™s. But simultaneously he started exhibitions around Kolkata and different parts of India. In 1969 he founded Painters Orchestra with other six artist friends Add Comment


A senior artist from Bengal whose canvases draw largely from the mystical world of nature done in robust and earthy colors, layered with richness of thought and pain. Regarded as one of the pillars of contemporary art and a significant contributor of the modernist art movement in Bengal. His paintings describes that women are the integral part and nature is closest to him. He is rebel in his own world, challenging the barriers imposed by traditional ideas as well as contemporary theories.

About his paintings, Jahar says, ___I believe myself being an artist of social consciousness, not imposed on me by the society. It grew slowly within me as I came across the melodramatic relations and the complications of the society. The summation of the events of nations and its surroundings indifferently move my soul. The conscious mind glimmers to give rise to the paintings that plays around within nature and society. Women play an integral part of my paintings. I rebel in my own world challenging the barriers imposed by traditional ideas as well as contemporary theories. I flood my canvases with emotions through spectrum of colors and the time comes when I hear my inner voice and I stop___ A new canvas begins with a new creation for every lovers of art.

Jahar__™s paintings exhibited in the renowned galleries are as follows:

___ Solo and group shows in Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata) __" Since 1969 till date

___ Group shows in Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai) __" 1975

___ Group shows in Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai) __" 1999

___ International group shows in Gallery Wooduck (South Korea, SOKI) __" 2000

___ International group shows in Prague Congress Centre (South Korea) - 2002

___ Group shows in Indian Habitat Centre (New Delhi) __" 2003

___ Group shows in Nehru Centre (Mumbai) __" 2003

___ Group shows in Ashutosh Birth Centenary Gallery (Kolkata) __" 2004

___ Solo shows in Lions Club (Silliguri) __" 2004

___ Solo shows in Laxmana Art Gallery (Hyderabad) __" 2004

___ Solo shows in Gallery Hans mania (Oslo, Norway) __" 2005

___ Solo shows in Gallery Club Bangladesh (Stockholm, Sweden) - 2005

___ Solo and group shows in Lalit Kala Academy (Delhi) - 2005

___ Group shows in Nehru Centre (London) __" 2006

___ Solo shows in Maisonde 1' Inde, Salle Indira Gandhi (Paris) __" 2006

___ Group shows in Lokayata Art Gallery (Delhi) __" 2006

___ Group shows in Lokayata Mulk Raj Anand Centre (Delhi) - 2006

___ Solo shows in Chitrakut Art Gallery (Kolkata) - 2006

___ Group shows in Coomarswamy Hall, The Prince of Wales Museum (Mumbai) - 2006

___ Solo shows in Samokal Art Gallery (Kolkata) __" 2007

___ Group shows in Chemould Art Gallery (Kolkata) __" 2007

___ Group shows by The Eye Within in Birla Academy (Kolkata) - 2007

___ Group shows by Arts 39 Gallery in Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata) __" 2008

___ Group shows in Elements Art Gallery (Delhi) __" 2008

___ Artist of the Month in April by Indian Art Collectors (Chandigarh) __" 2008

___ Artist of the Month in August by Indian Sutlej Art Gallery (Canada) __" 2008

___ Group shows by Rabi Art Gallery (Shantiniketan) __" 2008

___ Solo shows by Gallery Exposure in Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata) __" 2008

___ Participated as an invited artist for exhibition to NGO Khushii - 2008

___ Group shows by Artist Circle (Kolkata) __" 2008

___ Other exhibitions in Arts 39 gallery, Rasa International, G.C. Laha Centenary Fine Arts Gallery, Gallery 52 d, Art Line, International Association for Human Values (NGO) and many others.

Participated in art camps like, 100 years of Cellular Jail in Andaman, Palash__™04 by CARDS at Ranchi, Govt College of Art and Crafts Tripura, Camp for Merlin Project ltd by Sushil Mohta, Art camp on Rights & Demands of the Sex Workers in Academy of Fine Arts, Guild Calcutta Book Fare, Krishna Chandra Gallery at Delhi, Jim Corbet Park, in Luxury cruiser vessel ___Vivada Cruises___ gallery Paramhanmsa, New Age Society for All, Sabira Foundation for Art and Culture, various camp held by Visual Art & Media Resource in Rajasthan, Andaman, Shilong, Sundarban, Vizag, Radisson Fort Resort and many others. Participated in camps organized by INFAC, MANT, GARGI, Forum 91 by Dhiraj Choudhuri, Light of Hope etc. Participated in many places as KalaMela organized by Lalit Kala Academy, Democratic Painters and Writers Association.

He is the secretary of Senjuti __" a cultural organization of Artist and Art Lovers since 1985, President and founder member of Painters__™ Orchestra, one of the oldest groups of artists in Kolkata since 1969, President of Rabindra Swarak Samsad. He was elected Vice President of Academy of Fine Arts. He did several book covers; illustrations; Poet Shakti Chatterjee and Sunil Gangopaddhya wrote a poem on his painting for Silver Jubilee celebrations of Painters Orchestra in the year 1994, Bengali Magazine ___Shatak Ekush___ honored him by publishing one of the editions totally on his art works and creations. Invited as a member of Millennium committee to organize exhibition and workshop under Viswa Banga Sammelan in 1999. Film director Sandip Roy made a documentary film Bornomoy Jahar on him regarding his artworks and creations. Some websites nominated him as one of the famous painter and personalities of India like Indianetzone, Culturopedia and The Indian art.


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