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Julio A. Green creates abstract paintings that express his responses to music, his environment, and the forces surrounding his subjects. The viewer will often find actual, physical pieces of Julio's environment in his art, as he gives new life to discarded items by incorporating them into his paintings. This "Abstract Recycling" gives new life to what would otherwise end up as garbage or litter, and brings attention to our need to be less wasteful as a society.

Born and raised in Honduras, Julio has been drawing since his early years, and began painting at the age of 18 as a means to express himself in ways for which words were inadequate. After years of self-teaching, Julio came to the United States and began taking classes to learn new techniques. He combined this new knowledge with his years of experience to develop his own techniques. His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and contests throughout the years. Some notable awards he have received are the 2004 Express South Florida____ Reader's Choice Award for Best Male Visual Artist, The Van Gogh Award (grand prize) at the First Annual Quick Draw Art Event 2007 Developed by Broward Art Guild, and Best Mixed Media/3D at United & Proud 2010 Developed by ArtsUnited, among others.

Julio's process of personal self-discovery and his art go hand-in-hand, as is evident in the varying perspectives he crafts on canvas.


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