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Jacqueline White Guestbook



  Janeice Silberman ( homepage )

05/16/2010 * 07:45:00

Beautiful and stunning.
Colors are so beautifully soft.
Enjoyed looking at your works.


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

09/07/2009 * 09:38:06

I still love your work. Wonderful colors. Glad you are on artid Mille


  kevin varty ( homepage )

06/06/2009 * 20:25:47

Jacqueline, Your paintings are simply amazing, very nice!!!!!!


  Tony Kucera ( homepage )

05/31/2009 * 11:10:34

Hi there,very nice job.Thank you Tony



05/27/2009 * 14:05:39

Hi Jackie, Wow, "LAZY RIVER" what a BEAUTIFUL PAINTING, very elegant. milliegiftsmith/artid


  Ann Cothran

05/20/2009 * 16:36:43

Jackie, I loved your work from the first time I saw your talent so many years ago - now, it's magnificent! I love the colors, the lines, the light, the beauty. The giclee of "Snowy morning" will be such a blessing to me when I'm waking to hot LA days and missing the sun warming its way through the snow-covered trees.

I'm just so enjoying looking through your galleries - you're wonderful!



  Kelly Taylor ( homepage )

01/15/2009 * 08:40:23

I knew you had the "gift" back when we were in college Love your art work, always have! LOVE YOU MORE! I pray for continued success in all you do! Hated not being in touch with you the past few years, but now that I got ya back, that is never gonna happen again! I am a pro photographer now! Check out my web site :) MUCH LOVE, Kelly


  Nora Boyle ( homepage )

01/14/2009 * 11:49:46


Your painting of "Rosemary's Garden" has brought so much comfort to Ro's entire extended family.

Her passing was so unexpected and brought so much sadness but now we have this priceless treasure to remember the countless hours of happiness we all shared with her in that beloved spot.

No words can ever thank you enough.

Nora Boyle


  Diane Bowne

01/03/2009 * 13:08:04

Your oil painting of "The Hart House" is very inspirational and "invites me into the dimension of the scene". I discover myself transcending time and placed at this location on a misty, somewhat ethereal overcast day enveloped in deep thought.

I remember meeting you once at the Mystic Art Show. All of your paintings are beautiful and without a doubt, evoke an understanding and deep appreciation of nature. Your use of the words "communion with nature" captures the essence of your work. Hopefully, I'll be able to purchase "The Hart House" original oil painting and another still life oil painting titled "Rememberance of Nana". This latter one evokes memories of my Memere and her love of lilacs. Thank you for this experience and may God continue to rain His blessings on you. Please contact me when you are able to.

Diane Bowne


  Robert Rohrich ( homepage )

07/11/2008 * 17:30:40

Jacqueline I use to live in southern New York State and know the look of these summer fields. This painting brings back a lot of memories. I also like your reference to Monet Clouds.


  Robert Rohrich ( homepage )

07/11/2008 * 17:15:49

Jacqueline, I just came back from a painting trip where my wife golfed while I painted. Your Walking The Green makes me think I will paint my wife on the putting green. I also like your golf figure very much.



07/10/2008 * 06:48:25

I love the flow and movement in "Queen Anne's Lace" You have captured a great sense of the wind and the elegant way Queen Anne's Lace can decorate the landscape.
I also enjoy your "Alaskan Light" painting it gives you a sense of how grand and monumental the mountains are and how the atmosphere must be ever changing with the mountains as a back drop. You are such a talent! Sylvina


  Stacey Slater

07/06/2008 * 12:14:04

Jackie, You are so very talented! Each one is so beautiful!


  Veronica ( homepage )

07/03/2008 * 14:45:20

Beautiful work! The Cider Mill painting just makes me wish for the fall.


  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

07/03/2008 * 07:54:49

Your painting of Land's End on Bailey's Island is stunning. When I lived in the Brunswick area years ago, I would often go out to Land's End - thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory.



  Maryann Aitken

07/03/2008 * 06:45:55

Great Job, everything is beautiful.


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