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Lunch with a View

by jackiewhite , July 8, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: CT, Jacqueline White, Middletown, impressionistic, oil painting, plein air

I used to be a part of the Noma Gallery, an artists cooperative, in the North End of Middletown a few years back. Once a month we hosted Friday night art openings for the gallery artists featuring their latest work. We featured different local musicians for each opening and had attracted quite a following. The shows had different themes, so the work was always fresh and exciting plus it got us going in creative directions we may never have taken.

This piece, the Harbor Park Restaurant on the Connecticut River, was painted for a 4 person show that I was a part, called "Seize the Moment". We painted local area scenes while enjoying interaction with the community, as well as, experiencing the excitement of capturing a variety of new places.

In "Lunch with a View" I quickly sketched the scene, painting in the diners first, before they moved, then proceeded to fill in the rest. All the while the sounds of the band and summer revelers on the patio. Quite a rush.

The rest of the week found us at the Portland Quarry, which had a 'Sedona like' feel and then at the Wesleyan University campus which was a-buzz with student activity.



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