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Jackie Vlasak About

I have been dwelling in my "Madness" for the past 11 years. I started Mosaic as a way to recycle and it expanded from there! I use dishes,glass,beads, figurines,cogs,you name it I have used it. I do mainly free-form. I find a picture of something that strikes my fancy and then create a mosaic piece. Micro-mosaic,mirrors, teapots,murals, I love them all.I dive right into what might be an intimidating endeavor and might have a few issues but I "hammer" them out!This has helped me to grow as an artist and given me the courage to try something I might not have before. 2 comments


I love mosaic and can not imagine gaining the satisfaction and tranquility I receive from this form of art any other way.I come home from a busy day at work and will nip bits of glass or dishes for hours.It is a balm for the soul. With music playing and the quiet nip,nip,nip of the glass nippers,I create beauty out of what was once a broken dish or piece of glass. I have created mirrors from the heirloom cups and saucers that have been destroyed by earthquakes.I have repaired plaster Basset Hounds and then mosaiced the patch and the surrounding area to make a truly one of a kind dog!I no longer see dishes as dishes but as pieces of a new work of art! I am a mother of three young men, a devoted wife, and a loving grandmother. I teach children and get much of my inspiration from them. Mosaic is truly my madness


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