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Jackie Vlasak Decorative Arts

Steampunk Poe
  • Steampunk Poe
  • Mosaic | 21" x 21"
  • Mosaic
  • Poe is created from watch parts ,clock parts, stained glass ,and purple mirror,I used mosaic tile to finish the edges and offset the mirror just a bit to give it just a bit more"quirkiness" Sad little "Poe" needs a home. The artist Jasmine Beckett-Griffin Aka Strangeling created this little waif. (her work is incredible!)
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cogs and gears of Poe
  • cogs and gears of Poe
  • Mosaic | 21" x 21"
  • Close -up of the cogs and gears for Steampunk Poe. This is part of the above picture so IT IS NOT possible to sell it separate

Tibetan Dragon
  • Tibetan Dragon
  • Mosaic Decorative Art | 41" x 16"
  • This is a Tibetan Dragon not a Chinese Dragon. Notice the small wing.It is stunning in the seemingly simplistic design. It is created from tiny pieces of black and red dishes. The background (which they is very little of) is Blue Willow and the teeth are white glass.
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Flower Goddess
  • Flower Goddess
  • Mosaic | 16" x 18"
  • "Flower Goddess" is created with Desert Rose,Poppy,and Apple Blossom "Franciscan" dishes.I used Van Gogh glass as well as mirrored glass to enhance her gown and scarf. Her hair is made with dish pieces as well as cut glass. I added different shades of grout for contrast.The rose protrudes from the rest of the piece about 1 inch.
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Shabby Chic Spode Mirror
  • Shabby Chic Spode Mirror
  • Custom Furniture Functional Art | 38" x 32"
  • No Description
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