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Ivette Khoudari Art Blog


by Ivette , July 31, 2010—11:58 PM

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"A work of art is not a matter of thinking beautiful thoughts or experiencing tender emotions (though those are its raw materials), but of intelligence, skill, taste, proportion, knowledge, discipline and industry; especially discipline."




  Robert Ingram ( homepage )

08/03/2010 * 00:44:59

The mind thinks, then creates. We are our own tools or brushes. The world has always been the canvas from which we look at and create.


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

08/01/2010 * 03:05:04

Art is just as made up as anything else on this planet so I am certain just about everyone will come up at some point in their lives as saying what art is and what it isn't. Eventually, after everything has been defined and redefined, it won't matter anymore. It will just be what it is... whatever it is. I tend to feel that this life we experience everyday is the canvas and the art we create is a portion of life-a window perhaps looking into a different existence altogether.

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