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Isabel Sierra About

Isabel was always interested in recollect a document about immigrants and their effort to adapt themselves to the new reality. The migration process generates a conflict in the populations that are relocated; also, in the communities where they arrive. How immigrants set their homes, survive, and interact in their communities is at the core of her artistic work. Her issues with migration and identity look to reveal her own individuality. Add Comment


Isabel is a Cuban-American Fine Art photographer from Miami, Florida, her main subject.

Sierra was born in Havana, Cuba, of Spanish parents. She began to make snapshots during her early years, and later she initiating formal photography studies in the Old Havana Lyceum Photographic Club.

Chinatown, a collection of images about an old immigrant Chinese area in Havana, was the first time Isabel combined formalist aesthetic with social concerns. She left her birthplace in 1993, and settled in Miami in 1998.

Different galleries and museums in Europe, South America, and USA have showed and collected her work. Besides, it is being published in Europe and America.


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