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Ione Citrin New Works Set 1

Farmer's Market
  • Farmer's Market
  • Watercolor Painting | 40" x 20"
  • watercolor
  • 20" high x 40" wide watercolor
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Fall Retreat
  • Fall Retreat
  • Watercolor Painting | 20" x 40"
  • It was just a little house high on a hill that had been deserted a long time ago. The weeds had overtaken the garden and climbed all over the outside of the house; probably on the inside as well. It held a fascination for her. Every year she would come to this area, first with her parents, then with her girlfriends, then with her husband, then with her husband and children, and now, once again, alone. She always walked from her cabin, miles away to see if the house was still there; and had it changed? It was a fascination for her. She saw the house change along with her life. Everything grew old and shabby without care and maintenance. The house was a perfect example of the changes of life. Marcy never tried to make contact with what the inside held. She was a little timid, and now that so much time had passed and it was so obviously deserted, she figured it would be O.K. to try to open the door and see what the insides looked like. She trudged up the hill. The windows were so filthy she couldn’t see anything inside. She walked slowly around and around the house; walked to the front door, tried the handle, but just couldn’t bring herself to push and open. With a sigh she stepped back and whispered, “Let it be”, and turned away. Next year she would return, and again come to this area, “just to see if it was still there”.
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Flying Carpets
  • Flying Carpets
  • Watercolor Painting | 20" x 40" x 1"
  • I’ve traveled all over the Middle East and North Africa, but never did I come across a carnival like “Flying Carpets”. While dreaming up another painting, I thought, “How fun!” Put together some of the vivid memories from my travels to these far away lands and situate them in a “fun fair” atmosphere!” That’s how “Flying Carpets” developed. Look closely and you’ll see camels instead of horses on the Merry-Go-Round, and other little ethnic inserts.
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Art in the Park

Field of Dreams
  • Field of Dreams
  • Watercolor Painting | 20" x 38" x 1"
  • Janice stood on a precipice overlooking a field of constantly changing colors. At first she thought her eyes were deceiving her. Then she thought she had taken the wrong dose of daily prescription pills early this morning. Then she thought she was having a hallucination. She rubbed her eyes. “Nope, still there”, she muttered. Then she sat down, all choked up with fear and watched the changing scene before her. Her eyes searched the surrounding bushes for strange demons, but everything was calm and serene. Not even a fly or mosquito to disturb the beautiful vision before her. It was too much for her to absorb. She got up and walked slowly home. The next day, after a restless night of tossing and turning and strange dreams about flowers eating her legs off, she awoke. Over a lazy breakfast, she thought about what she had seen yesterday, and knew she had to revisit this amazing field to see if the changing colors were still happening. She walked slowly to the same spot she stood before, and there it was. Today the colors were in pinks and lavenders. Nothing too bold or bright, soft pastels. She sat down in a patch of daisies and continued drinking in the strange sight. She decided to come back the next day with a camera to record and justify what she was looking at. But the next day the camera revealed a beautiful field of normal colors. She snapped pictures every half hour, but the film showed no color changes whatsoever. “What to do?”, she muttered. All summer she returned to see if this strange effect was still happening, and it did, every day. She decided not to tell anyone or bring anyone to this magical place for fear of being made fun of. She kept it to herself, and when the summer was over and she had to return to school in the city; she knew she would keep this secret forever in her heart.
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The Promenade
  • The Promenade
  • Watercolor Painting | 23" x 30" x 1"
  • 22 1/2" x 30" watercolor
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L.A. Freeway
  • L.A. Freeway
  • Watercolor Painting | 23" x 30" x 1"
  • I had just driven in from Chicago on the #66 and got hit immediately with a throng of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and etc. all traveling as if mesmerized and driven by an invisible devil. They all seemed to know where they were going. I didn’t. I was trying to find the hotel in Marina Del Rey where I had reserved a room. This was 26 years ago, and I’m still locked in traffic driving from one freeway to the next looking for the hotel in Marina Del Rey. I’ve gone from the 405 to the 210 to the 823 to the 0003 to the 120 to the 67 to the 5 to the 345 to the 760 to the 12 and covered every street in between. I can’t seem to get off the freeways. I’m tired. HELP!
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Pink Sand Beach
  • Pink Sand Beach
  • Watercolor Painting | 22" x 30" x 1"
  • Pink Sand Beach is located in the Valley of My Mind. It is a remote place I visit whenever I want to get away from the stress of everyday life. It is quiet, warm and calm; everything I need to adjust my attitude. I visit there for a few minutes every day. Sometimes more. I dream a bit, float along in the water, wash myself up on the beach, dry off in the sun and return to reality. Pink Sand Beach is a trip I’d recommend to everyone. It is there for all, in the recesses of your imagination; you just have to search it out.
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  • Beachin'
  • Watercolor Painting | 22" x 30" x 1"
  • What could be better than a sunny day on the glorious beaches of Santa Monica, California? NOTHING! From all my glorious days on these beaches I was inspired to create this image which incorporates the fun, warmth and beauty I've enjoyed on the beautiful sands of Santa Monica. How lucky I am to have this in my world!
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  • Contemplation
  • 2-D Mixed Media | 16" x 20" x 1"
  • LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin. “Shall I do this, or that?”, Race thought. “Will it be him or her?” His decisions were monumental, life threatening, overwhelming. Race’s mind raced over the various options of his life. He was frozen in the insecurity of indecision. “What to do?” Actually Race was in the torment of a hell he had foisted upon himself. He knew when he was doing right and he knew when he was doing wrong. It was that impulsive insecurity which made him go down that first choice. He never weighed a second or third choice until after the fact. By then it was too late. Now he was embroiled in the fitful embrace of turbulent choices. It was exhausting. He couldn’t come to a conclusion at this time. He decided to put everything “on the back burner”, and meditate again after a good night’s sleep. Many sleeping pills later, Race was still tossing and turning, his mind and dreams running at full speed. He took a few more pills, hoping for the warm emptiness of sleep. After a while he drifted into a slumber from which he would never awake, but his decision-making was over. He had decided to do this instead of that.
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  • Persephone
  • Watercolor Painting | 20" x 30" x 1"
  • Persephone 20" high x 30" wide watercolor on paper LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.
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Through A Glass Brightly
  • Through A Glass Brightly
  • Acrylic Painting | 36" x 36" x 1"
  • 36" high x 36" wide acrylic painting insert - hexagon of tiles LIMITED EDITION giclee prints available from Ione Citrin.
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