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Ione Citrin Basquiat Lives

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Basquiat Lives
23" x 30"
Street Scenes
Painting / Watercolor
$2,500.00 Buy It Now

Basquiat Lives

Yes, I am Basquiat, alive in the imaginations and desires of artists all over the world who wish to express themselves on the sides of buildings, fences, bridges, and wherever else they can find a space for their ideas. These people, like me, don't have the "wherewithal" to show their art in galleries, museums, art shows, etc. They are forced to take their paints and brushes and spray cans to the streets of the world. I had the amazing luck to be "discovered" by the art aficionados of New York City, and quickly became their "darling". I couldn't handle the situation, and fell victim to my own depression. I ended it all, and now my paintings sell for millions. Had I had enough foresight I could have funded my own art movement which would have enabled young visionaries a way to learn, develop and expose their ideas to an appreciative audience. Now, I visit these artisans in their dreams and thoughts, instilling the urge to create and exhibit their talents on the only canvases they have available to them.