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You can view additional work on my website. Web design is also available as one of my services. Contact me for more information. Add Comment


You can view additional work on my website. Web design is also available as one of my services. Contact me for more information.

Having been a systems analyst/programmer and designer for many years, I ventured into the world of art, my first and most cherished love. I don't remember a day going by in my life that I have not been the happiest when I was creating. This applied to my artwork and my systems design. Sixteen years ago, I decided to take a different path. I bought and operated an art store for several years in the state of Massachusetts. At that time, I also began studying anatomy, portraiture, memory drawing and printmaking techniques with Donald Wilhelm, formerly of the Student Art League in New York City. Studies in pastel and oil techniques with Jeff Kern, twice Copley Award (Boston) winner featured in "Yankee Magazine". Since that time I have been very involved with my fine art, whether I am involved in a workshop or privately teaching several high school students.

My art supply store was closed several years ago. I started a new business supplying custom designed 'collectible ornaments' to large groups such as churches, museums, historical groups, etc. This welcomingly requires a lot of my drafting skills and has so far been quite successful.

I strive to bring out the best in myself and my students. This can only be done if your heart and soul are firmly committed to the creative process. My students possess this devotion, as do I. My philosophy is to utilize the mind's eye in filtering the extraordinary from the ordinary and recreating those mental images onto surfaces. I try to take the viewer away to perhaps a peaceful, perhaps an even more turbulant time. Whichever it is, the purpose is to move the viewer, to please the viewer. For if artwork cannot achieve this, what would be the point?

I must quote, perhaps not per word, something I recently heard by a very famous director. Steven Sodenberg, upon accepting his academy award for best director lamented - He would save his 'thank you's' and deliver them in person - He then proceeded to implore any one who has any creativeness in them to indeed create, even if only for 1/2 hour each day, for you owe it to yourself and to the betterment of mankind. This quite profound statement mirrored my views and thoughts.

I immensely enjoy any of the arts - be it theatre, music, etc. We must never lose sight of our innerness and need for the beauty that humans can create. We must try to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative more successfully than we are currently doing in today's society.

We must never lose touch with our ability to capture the rare fondness that is apparent in all take the indescribable inner emotion to a level that everyone can understand, that being of substance.


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