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Michelle Hunter Art Blog

I'm giving away a painting!!!

by HunterArt , September 10, 2008—12:50 AM

Topics: Cosi, acrylic, art, free, october, paintings, raffle


I'm excited to announce that I'm raffling off an original painting!

Interested in winning one of my original paintings?? Entering is quick and easy through this 5-second entry form available here: I Want a Michelle Hunter Original!! (

Of the 11 paintings on display at Cosi's (44th and 3rd avenue), I'm raffling one for FREE. Now who doesn't love that!

In case for some reason you haven't had a chance to visit the store, visit the two "On view at Cosi" galleries at to view the 11 paintings available for this raffle. Note, these 11 paintings are also available for sale. In case you are the winning entrant and the painting you selected is no longer available, I will collaborate with you to create a custom version.

Deadline for entry is Sunday October 12th 2008. Entries will be drawn Monday October 13th 2008.

Each entry will receive a unique referral code. Free shipping is offered (will ship only to US addresses). One entry per email address please.

Want to increase your chances of winning?? Forward this link to your friends and family. When they enter your unique referral code in the form, your name will be added into the drawing AGAIN. [Example: If you enter and 4 of your friends enter your referral code, your name will be in the drawing FIVE (5) times!]

Good luck!! Best Regards, Michelle




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

09/10/2008 * 14:33:49

Excellent marketing Michelle!! Good for you. Let us know how this influences your site traffic and/or sales.


  Anna ( homepage )

09/10/2008 * 01:36:17

Michelle, I was just reading Betty's blog about marketing and finding a way to grab others attention and you did it to me w/ your "win a free picture." I did check out your work, VERY innovative! clever! Good luck w/ your future. Lee

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