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Michelle Hunter Art Blog

I'm taking over Cosi's

by HunterArt , June 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Cosi, acrylic, food, mass transit, oil, restaurant

Hi all,

Hey New Yorkers, are you familiar with the restaurant chain Cosi's? If not, they make unique sandwiches on oh so delicious bread-yum yum!! Well they have several locations in Manhattan and the manager of several of these stores put a post on craigslist looking for artists to liven up the space for 2 months at a time. Several emails and a meeting later, I'm booked! This Cosi's store is located on 44th and 3rd avenue. But what a challenge it is-let me tell ya. Yet, that's all the more reason why I want to go for it. Filling up a high traffic store with only my work is certainly not an opportunity to be missed. Now that I've been given the go ahead, now I need to create 11 (that's right ELEVEN) masterpieces in 4 weeks. I can probably do fewer larger paintings, but I have to worry about how to transport them from my place to the store and lugging around a couple of 4 feet x 4 feet pieces on the subway doesn't seem that safe so I would rather break that down to several smaller pieces. Luckily I have ideas for most of them.

To make this happen, I have to put aside my lovely oils (sigh, I miss using them already) and switch to acrylics for this task. So far so good with the water based paints. I'll of course keep you posted.




  Michelle Hunter ( homepage )

07/15/2008 * 00:40:41

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Mary! I appreciate it.


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

07/14/2008 * 12:05:14

I admire your energy and enthusiasm. A show in a high traffic establishment is a great gig especially when you are starting out. I went to your other website, very snazzy. I wish you great luck and I look forward to more of your blogs and images.
My Best,Mary

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