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Hugh Rice Art Blog

Making Art in a New Place

by hughgrice , February 6, 2009—06:03 PM

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I am about to travel back to my homeland - N. Ireland- for a few months of living and painting in a completely new setting. And it is always difficult for me to make the transition. Here on the Canadian prairie, I paint on large canvases and use lots of paint to capture the endless sky and the flatness of the prairie. In Ireland, I am inspired by the completely different landscape of the Glens of Antrim. My work is small, and wet and fresh --depicting the headlands along the sea and the hills and mountains and patchwork fields of early spring in the Glens. I cannot paint prairie landscapes in Ireland and I cannot paint Irish landscapes in Canada.

People tell me my style changes as I cross the Atlantic-- and they are right.

But what they might not see is that both landscapes inspire in me the need to experiment and apply paint in a new way or in an old way with a new emphasis or colour palette.

That is how I stay fresh!





02/06/2009 * 20:37:46

HI HUgh, I am of Irish descent,but have never been to Ireland. You are most fortunate to be able to paint there.I admire this painting on your blog, very nice. I also like to experiment when I paint. I go more by seasons now, since I don't travel much anymore. good luck to you. Millie

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