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Hugh Rice Art Blog


by hughgrice , September 5, 2008—12:00 AM

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"Prairie Gold", shown here, recently sold at the Effusion Gallery in British Columbia. That was good news. Now for the hard part. I am currently in discussion about doing a commission for a similar painting in a larger size and a different shape. I've agreed to do it - but the original was done almost a year ago and since then my style has continued to develop and has changed somewhat. Not only that, I am using different media in my current work -- can I re-capture that earlier painting? Stay tuned... Hugh




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

09/10/2008 * 14:28:05

It's hard to "go back" when your style and media have changed. In my experience it's worth trying to replicate the style indicated (only better) and in the same media as the original.
The painting is really nice though, you shouldn't have too much trouble making another one.


  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

09/10/2008 * 13:46:44

An interesting challenge--let us know how it goes.

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