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Hugh Rice Art Blog

Canadian and Irish art

by hughgrice , July 17, 2008—02:23 PM

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I am in a unique artistic postion - I work in both Canada and in N. Ireland spending part of each year in each country.

The art world in N. Ireland is very different to the one I have discovered in Canada. Not surprising, given the differences culturally and historically. It is exciting to be able to walk the glens of Antrim and the prairies of Manitoba and get the inspiration I need for my work.

I have just launched a website where both my Irish and Canadian work can be viewed.

I hope you will visit it and see who I am and what I am painting at the moment.

I work 5 hours a day in my studio -- presently I am preparing for an exhibition of my prairie landscapes at Woodlands Gallery in September, 2008.

If you log into the Woodlands site you can sign up for an invitation to my show.

All the best, Hugh




  Mary ( homepage )

07/21/2008 * 11:52:53

I am pea green with envy. While I like Canada, I just love the Irish "landscape". Spring In The Glens I and II are my favorites, but so many of the others are reminiscent as well.
I recently obtained my dual citizenship and Irish passport so I'm trying to plan another trip. You have inspired me to bring sketchbooks et all on my next visit.
Thank you so much foe sharing your work with us at ArtId.

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