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Harry Seymour Art Blog

Hungry on Thanksgiving

by hseymour , November 21, 2010—10:11 PM

Topics: Thanksgiving, children, hunger, hungry children

Hungry on Thanksgiving

Here is ___Sharing a Meal,___ a 14×18 scratchboard art etching depicting a child eating from a chicken__™s plate. What inspired me to do this piece was learning that worldwide a child dies just about every five seconds of hunger? There are about 16,000 deaths from hunger related causes daily. Even in the richest nation in the world one in four children is vulnerable for food deprivation in America. These sobering statistics are worth thinking about as we ___gobble, gobble___ on Thanksgiving Day. There are many ways to respond to hungry children__™s needs during the Holidays. I chose to make a pledge to ___No Kid Hungry___



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