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Harry Seymour Art Blog

Why do I paint?

by hseymour , March 11, 2010—08:47 AM

Topics: Martha's Vineyard, beach

I__™m sure painters paint for all sorts of reasons. I do so simply because it makes me happy. Yes, I know this is an awfully simplistic answer and begs the question- why does painting make me happy-the answer to which I__™ll leave to the shrinks. Having spent a lifetime doing ___real___ work and now retired, earning a living is not my motivation-though making a sale is a terrific form of validation. I know I don__™t paint out of a sense of ego-though my chest swells at an appreciative glance or positive comment about my work. These motives are not why I spend endless hours totally engaged in attempting a work of art. Consider the 16×20 egg tempera ___Against the Rail___ shown here. When I saw the bicycle against a blast of morning sun off a Martha__™s Vineyard beach I knew I had to paint this scene, and doing so, repeats the joy and pleasure derived from each previous painting. Indeed, painting makes me happy.




  Walter Patterson

03/15/2010 * 06:33:35

I'm in your corner! If you're happy and you aren't hurting anyone then who can argue with that?
Anyway, I'm a fan.

Walt P.

PS-I like your selection of "Against the Rail" and, for myself, I would add your interpretation of one of my favorite jazz artists, Billie Holiday, from your Flowers collection.

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