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Harry Seymour Art Blog

You're No Picasso

by hseymour , February 5, 2010—11:17 AM

Topics: African American, Harry Seymour, Martha's Vineyard, beach, children, grandfather

I was told a few years ago by a friend upon viewing one of my works-___you ™re no Picasso. I know it was spoken in jest but I™ve never forgotten and continue to ponder the comparison. Of course I__™m no Picasso, or Lawrence, Wyatt, or Bearden . I am a Seymour. Indeed, Rembrant is no Picasso and vice versa. In my opinion, no artist should be a comparative gold standard for another. A Picasso is a Picasso. A Rembrant is a Rembrant and a Warhol is a Warhol. What these and all visual artists have in common is a capacity to transpose an internalized vision into a product that arouses some emotion and/or thoughtful reflection from those who view it. The painting here is an 18×24 egg tempera painting ___Walking with Grandad.___ It is no Picasso, it is a Seymour.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

02/09/2010 * 20:22:03

Well said. We can learn a great deal from other artists, but I think if you try to be the new Picasso or whatever you never develop the real power of the artist only you can be.

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